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Instant Setup

Upon order acceptance, your server is up and ready to go!

5/1 Support

Our shitty support team are almost never here to assist you!

10% Uptime

Our servers are constantly having outages that heavily effect our uptime

Super Slow Storage

All of our servers are ran on the absolute oldest of Hard-Drives

Free Shitty DDoS Protection

With all of our gaming services

Our platform is not very carefully tuned and not actively adjusted to keep today's attacks at bay, and you online.


Types of attacks we try to protect from


Somewhat Large attacks mitigated since 2020


Gbps maximum ddos protection

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Counter Strike Global Offensive

Not Ready

Garry's Mod

Not Ready


A Crappy Control Panel

For all of your server needs

Somewhat Easy to Use

Extreme levels of utility for both the novice and power user, but somewhat easy to use.

Mod Installers

Plugins for Minecraft!

2-step Authentication

Secure your account with 2-Step authentication via Google Authenticator.

File Management

Manage your files using the shitty web-based file manager or with FTP access.

Our Mission

MrPooHosting is the world’s shittiest and non-leading game server provider founded in 2019. Our mission is to provide a shitty service backed by a passionate group of non hard-working individuals who go no extra mile to ensure your experience is nothing but the worst.

We have provided many shitty services to over a small un-satisfied group of clients worldwide all by exceeding the industry standard service of shittiness as well as displaying no passion for developing the community for the better. We keep this mentality every day as we move forward and expand our shitty family.