Discord Bot Hosting

Discord Bot Hosting

Releasing Soon!

Prices starting from
$0.00 /month
Prices starting from
$0.00 /month
Prices starting from
$0.00 /month

Quick Setup

Upon order acceptance, your server is up and ready to go!

5/1 Support

Our shitty support team are almost never here to assist you!

10% Uptime

Our servers are constantly having outages that heavily effect our uptime

Super Slow Storage

All of our servers are ran on the absolute oldest of Hard-Drives

Free Shitty DDoS Protection

With all of our gaming services

Completely shit, and does virtually nothing!


Types of attacks we try to protect from


Somewhat Large attacks mitigated since 2020


Gbps maximum ddos protection

Test Our Servers, convince yourself to switch!

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Not Ready

Garry's Mod

Not Ready

Minecraft (1.15.2)


A Crappy Control Panel

For all of your server needs

Somewhat Easy to Use ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Version Changer
2-step Authentication
File Management